jay-mac (jay_mac) wrote,

exciting day today plus past memories

sat: party was good..got enough money to pay for august car payment....trying to cut back on my spending but august is a nice dvd month for me...arg!

sun: ummmm nothing that i remember

mon: was supposed to go out with chris but he was out with janice.i told him to call me back when he got home but he didnt...kinda mad cause i had other plans that i pushed aside to hang with him cause i havent all summer and i didnt even...so instead i went to unionville to get wild wing (dam you same you got me hooked) and watched godfather

tues: work

wed: today was a fun day! prob the pinacle of my week. i went to meenas house to hang with him and ricky and when i got there meena was passed out cause they stayed up late burning. chilled there for a bit and went to the mall to pick up carlo...went to rickys and played donkey kong congo bongo (or whatever its called) and drove to all star wings to get wings (i forgot to mention i love wings) and after left to go to carlos house...

............on our way there we see a porn store and carlo goes "wouldnt it be funny if we went in" and meatless to say i pulled in and we went in....this was my first time in one so i didnt know what to expect...ricky wasnt old enough so he stayed in the car....now, im not gonna explain what its like in there but lemme say something..its weird. especially walking past actual customers in the store...if you really wanna see one then get the balls to go in but let me say, its better to go in numbers, other wise youll look like a perve.............

so we get to carlos and ricky wanted to be his hair buzzed..he asked for a #3 blade and we used #1.hahah he was yelling cause it hurt so much but it looked good in the end...we watched Harold and Kumar again and i went home....


tomorrow i got work and after imma go back to carlos to make some dvds for a co-worker

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